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Burger Brothers is excited to introduce a new addition to the fleet. Our recently acquired truck mounted vacuum excavator has many unique capabilities and compliments our existing services. This machine allows us to excavate difficult to reach areas safely without the chance of breaking or damaging existing utility lines such as fiber optic, electric, gas, water, and sewer. The hose reel attachment that is in excess of 300 feet, can be adapted using various attachments to unclog and clean sewer lines as well as catch basins and manholes. As clogged areas are being jetted, the vacuum portion of the truck will safely remove the spoils. The private and public sectors alike can benefit from the services this machine can provide. There is always a risk when digging around utilities which can turn costly if done incorrectly. Let us provide peace of mind and take the guesswork out the next time you are in need of any of the outdoor contracting solutions we can deliver.

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